How to start a business online from home

There are many ways to start an online business to provide a lot of benefits even if you are a beginner in the field of online business that you are just starting. Therefore, it is never too late for those of you who want to start a business.

How to start small online business

In this article, you will find out how to learn online business for beginners. Starting from determining the product you will sell to the technique of marketing the product.

9 Steps how to start an online business from home

Starting an online business is not easy, but not impossible either. You have to take nine main steps in starting to learn How to start small online business

  1. Looking for Market needs
    A product or service is a vital component in an online business. With a product or service that fits the needs of the market, then you still have the potential to win the market. What happens if you provide a product or service that the market doesn’t need? Most likely failure to deal with!
  2. Market research
    If you want to sell apple juice or pineapple juice, but are unsure which one is more salable in the market. You can use a free tool from google, namely Google Trends. You just type in the keywords apple juice and pineapple juice, and the results will be shown by google trends.
    how-to-start-small-business-online-market-researchBased on step number 1, the market demand for apple juice products can be proven from the google trends chart. In addition, you also need to check the search trends, what keywords are related, how large the search volume is, to the location of the origin of the search.
    You can run this keyword research using the keyword tool. There are several keyword tools that you can use, from Ubersuggest, Semrush, to Ahrefs.
  3. Find target market
    The market research and competitor analysis that you have done above will be the basis for the next step, which is to determine the target market. The target market is potential buyers with similar characteristics and have a high probability of buying your product.
    Each product has its own market.

    For example, although both are juice products, apple juice and pineapple juice have different target markets. Apple juice may be targeting the high-class market, while pineapple juice is targeting the middle class market.
  4. Search business model
    Your research does not stop at the target customer and the product to be sold. Next, you need to choose which business model is the most profitable. Because even if you sell the same product, the way to sell it can be different.
    If you have enough capital, you can stock up on some physical products to sell through the website or marketplace. 

    If you have limited capital, you can choose to become a reseller or dropshipper of the product you want to sell. While saving to get capital to start an online business independently

  5. Prepare business capital
    Starting a business online sometimes does not require any capital at all, if you are a reseller or dropshipper. But if what your are offered is a product or a service itself. Preparing funds for business capital is a must.
  6. Creating an online business brand
    Many start an online business in a way that is arguably not made with a long-term plan. It is unthinkable to create your own business brand name with a good logo that also has meaning. In fact, people’s trust to buy is built from the image of the business itself.
  7. Create social media & website
    • Social Media
      In 2022, it is time for online businesses to have social media accounts to reach many potential customers. Instagram, Tiktok and FB Fanpage must be owned to start a business online.
    • Website
      Having a website for an online business, you must pay attention to the business model you have. If your business is a product that can be installed on a marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.) then having a website is not mandatory. But if your product is a service, then having a website is a must-have
  8. Marketing products with the right strategy
    Having an advertising budget to reach targeted potential customers is very important to compete with competitors. Instagram ads, tiktok ads, google ads are the right tools to reach the right potential customers when you star a business online
  9. Retain customers
    If you have got loyal customers, then it is mandatory for you to maintain relationships with customers. Because to do promotions with the aim of getting new customers will be much more expensive, even up to 25 times compared to maintaining relationships with loyal customers.
    The usual way to make customers become loyal customers is by giving them a reward, such as a discount or product bonus as a thank you for coming and buying your product again. This system is effective enough to give an appreciation to them.

Hopefully the above explanation about How to start small online business can be a useful material how to start a online business for you. Hopefully this online article how to start a business online for beginners will not only be reading material. But, it also helps how to start small online business for success. See you on other articles on Fahri Academy