How to grow instagram followers organically with super easy steps

Many Instagram users are competing to have a lot of followers. Many Instagram users still don’t know how to add organic Instagram followers that are easy, fast, and effective¬†

How to grow instagram followers organically

There are still many people who think, that buying a lot of followers will increase your sales. And reality is not like that..!! When you buy follower, sometimes you only get fake followers called bots, it is just a useless follower account.

And if a business Instagram account has a lot of “bot” followers. Then followers in your account can’t be used as the target market you’re looking for.

How to grow Instagram followers organically is actually quite easy. If you follow these steps correctly, it is certain that your Instagram followers will increase and not decrease.

I will teach how to grow instagram followers organically, please follow these 7 easy steps:

  1. Do not make your account private
    Instagram followers will voluntarily follow a business account if the business account profile is open or not private, so that prospective followers will easily see the products / services in your posts.
    If the Instagram account is set to public mode, this will be more interesting for your potential followers to see. Because they can freely see your posts on instagram.
  2. Don’t mix the contents of Instagram
    Never mix your business Instagram content with personal content posts.Because a business Instagram account must look focused on posting the products or services you offer. If you post personal content that has no relevance, it will confuse your followers with posts mixed with personal posts
  3. Use keyword on instagram name & description account
    Use the right keywords in your Instagram account name and business description. Because it helps potential followers find accounts that match their search
  4. Always Reply to Comments
    Don’t forget to respond to each of your followers by replying to every comment they gave on your post. When you reply to their comments, you have built a relationship with followers. Other potential followers who see it and are not yet a follower will be interested in becoming your follower too.
  5. Consistently posting on your feed
    You should regularly post content about products or services on your business’s Instagram account, but pay attention to posting times. There are times that are considered effective for posting content, namely 8-9 am, 12 noon, and 7 pm. But among the three times, posting at night is the most appropriate to get the attention of a large audience.
  6. Use target hastag on your feed
    Not only posting content, but you must regularly use several hashtags that contain keywords. Posts with hashtags will get more likes and comments from other users. Add multiple hashtags in each post. The maximum limit is 10 hashtags only. But don’t just use hashtags. You must use hashtags that are relevant, popular, and in accordance with your target audience.






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