Best 2 apps can remove background FREE in 2022

Automatic background eraser application is able to easily remove background with just one tap or drag automatically. This free app makes your pictures transparent by quickly removing the background

Free app to remove background

Option 1 : PhotoRooms

Like any free apps on the android. This apps is very easy to use and you can use image background remove to all your images on mobile. On video tutorial, I show how to use this free apps step by step.

This PhotoRooms is an app to remove background, just follow this steps :

  1. Install PhotoRooms from on google play (First time user)
  2. Open photorooms
  3. Click start from photo
  4. Choose your target image
  5. PhotoRooms will automatically remove the backround
  6. After its finish, click top right arrow
  7. Choose default background (White / Black / Transparent )
  8. Choose save to gallery
  9. Done

On this video tutorial, there are still unwanted images that PhotoRooms can’t completely remove. Therefore, you can use the image editor application found on your Android phone

You just need to use the image editor and select the pen function and use the same color as the background that has been selected in PhotoRooms

PhotoRooms is one of the best free background remover app on GooglePlay..!! By using PhotoRooms as an application that can support your online business. Your merchandise photos will look good and more professional


Option 2 : Zyro

Remove background from photos without downloading special apps or software. Just one click away with Zyro’s AI Image Background Remover. Free!

Often when you want to remove the background of a photo, the application you use can lower the resolution of the image, but when we tried it, the AI background eraser on zyro was able to produce the image we wanted.

By using Zyro, you can simply remove the background online on the Zyro website. Drag the image to the selection box, then Zyro will process the image you have uploaded



All you have to do is drag and drop to the selection box as shown in the picture, wait for the process. And the image whose background has been removed will be completed in just a few seconds. You can directly download the image that has been processed


Here are the paid apps : Canva Pro

Canva is an app for removing backgrounds, using 1 easy menu, namely BG Remover. All you have to do is create a design in Canva and then upload the desired image. If you use Canva pro, then the BG remover option will be active and ready to use.


In the image above, I’ve created 2 of the same image in the Canva design field. The picture below, I use BG remover to remove the background that I want to remove.


After the process of BG remover is complete. Then you will see that the wall in the image has been removed automatically using Canva

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